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Child Support

Michigan Child Support AttorneyA uniform child support order means an order entered by the Family Division Circuit Court which requires the payment or support. All support orders must contain language making support payable through the Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MiSDU). MiSDU is the State agency that actually both receives all payments and makes all disbursements. The Friend of the Court is the record keeper, and is charged with the responsibility of enforcing all aspects of the child support order. Support may include: 1) child support; 2) spousal support; 3) payment of expenses of medical, dental or other health care (including birth expenses); 4) child care expenses; and 5) educational expenses. Since 1/1/06 every new or amended support order must be entered on a Uniform Support Order ("USO") form required by the Michigan Supreme Court.

Support Investigations and Reports

If ordered by the Court, the Friend of the Court will conduct a financial investigation and make a written report and recommendation to the parties and the court regarding child support. Friend of the Court reports cannot be used as evidence in court without the agreement of both parties. However, the Friend of the Court financial investigators may be called to testify about their report and recommendations. Please find below the Motion to Change Support.

Motion to Change Support

Michigan Child Support Formula (Guidelines)

Michigan Support Formula
Michigan Support Supplement

State and Federal law require that a child support formula be used by Friends of the Court and Prosecuting Attorneys when recommending appropriate child support amounts. Child support must be stated in support orders in both weekly and monthly (4.35 weekly) amounts. In Michigan, a child support formula has been developed which considers both the non-custodial and custodial parent's income, as well as the custody arrangements of the children agreed to or ordered by the court, as well as reasonable medical and health insurance expenses. The formula is updated on a recurrent basis, with the most recent changes being effective 10/1/04. For more information about the child support formula currently in use, you may contact the Friend of the Court. A copy of the current formula is available below.

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