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Required Courses

If you retain a bankruptcy attorney most creditors must contact your bankruptcy attorney and must cease calling you. Collection agencies cannot contact you but a creditor that holds the original debt would still be able to call you. It is essential to have a bankruptcy attorney that has knowledge and experience dealing with personal financial matters before you file and after you are discharged. Sometimes filing for bankruptcy is not in your best interest. It should always be used as a last resort. You should exercise other options before filing for a bankruptcy. Negotiating with creditors sometimes is an ideal strategy to dealing with personal financial troubles. If negotiating with creditors, then there are tax implications that often need to be addressed. If it is imperative that you file for bankruptcy to stop a garnishment or if you have debts that are too onerous to be paid it is necessary to have an attorney who can maximize your exemptions and who knows how the means test works. Jacob A. Perrone has the knowledge of bankruptcy law and experience dealing with the bankruptcy courts to allow you to obtain a "Fresh Start".

Bankrupcty Courses

Before you file for Bankruptcy you must complete a Credit Counseling Course. You must complete a Financial Managment Course within forty-five (45) days of the 341 Meeting to receive your discharge. The Links below contain websites that will allow you to fulfill these requirements.

Pre-Filing Course -- Must be Completed Before Filing --$30.00
Post-Filing Financial Management Course - Must be Completed and Filed Within 45 Days of 341 Meeting -- $19.99

Client Reviews
Jacob Perrone was excellent. He was responsive and understood the law. I would recommend him! Christine Rice
Jacob helped me out immensely when I got a DUI and lost my professional license. He got it reinstated for me in record time! He had great advice for me, worked hard and was fair and honest. Anonymous